calvin & stella – lifestyle session in detroit, mi

It has been wonderful to photograph the Kolk family as they have grown and changed. I first photographed Jason and Carol for their wedding and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing their adorable daughter Stella multiple times. But this was the first time I got to meet and photograph their very happy and cute little boy, Calvin. Since we have shot multiple sessions at their home we decided to try something different and head to the Michigan Science Center. This is one very cool place with lots of amazing exhibits for kids—I can’t wait to go back with my own kiddos. We spent quite a bit of time in their temporary butterfly tent where Calvin and Stella got to see the insects up close. So glad I had the opportunity to photograph this lovely family again.

matthew and his parents – newborn session in st johns, mi

I have probably said it dozens of times at this point, but I love newborn sessions. There is just something so exciting about taking a family’s picture right after they welcome a new baby. I was particularly excited to photograph Matthew and his lovely parents since they purchased the session through a silent auction to support the youth group at Riverterrace Church. I am so glad that Jayme and Brad won the session and I had the pleasure of documenting this amazing time in their lives. It was wonderful seeing Jayme and Brad interact with their beautiful baby boy who was probably the calmest and most chill baby I have ever met. He is such a handsome little man and is clearly surrounded by lots of love.

jack and his parents – lifestyle session in east lansing, mi

I know I have said it numerous times before, but I am truly blessed by the clients I meet and photograph. I feel very lucky that I got to document Bill, Maureen, and baby Jack during their first few days together as a family of three. Maureen shared with me what a long and often heartbreaking journey it was for them to become parents and how excited they were to be welcoming a beautiful baby boy into their lives. And from the second I walked into their home I could feel it—the joy and exhaustion of a couple that was overwhelmed with love. And while I am honored that I got to document this time in their lives I felt that photography almost wasn’t enough because I wasn’t able to record Maureen saying, “I just can’t believe I get to keep him.”  What an amazing day I got to spend with this family and I wish them all the happiness in the world (and eventually a little rest too).

matt & susan – engagement session in east lansing, mi

My fabulous former bride Pamela–whose wedding I had the pleasure of photographing a few years ago at the MSU horticulture gardens–introduced me to Susan. I am so exited that I will be able to document Susan and Matt’s wedding next fall. And I love that this great couple was as excited as I was to take engagement photos right after mid-Michigan was hit with a massive ice storm. So the three of us headed to the campus of Michigan State University and explored some of their beautiful buildings as well as braved the icy temperatures to takes some fun winter photos. I loved seeing how this couple interacted together and how easily they laughed together—so much fun to photograph.

ali & adam at the university club in east lansing, mi

I have been looking forward to Ali and Adam’s wedding for almost a year. When I first met Ali I completely fell in love with her sweet and energetic personality. Plus, I felt an immediate kinship to another Jersey girl who had made the decision to become a Michigan transplant. But I think what made me most excited was when I asked Ali if there was anyone special we needed to make sure we photographed on her wedding day. She told me that the roomful of people who made the trek to Mid-Michigan are all her closest friends and family and everyone there is truly someone special in her life. You know a wedding like that is going to be wonderful. And that is exactly how I would describe Ali and Adam’s wedding day. Yes, they had amazing details at a fantastic venue (seriously, the room was gorgeous and I can’t even begin to tell you how great the University Club was to work with) but it was also a day filled with an unbelievable amount of love, support, and fabulous moments.

Beautiful picture of Ali getting ready and her wedding dress by Jeana-Dee.

Love this moment Jeana-Dee captured of Ali seeing her bouquet for the first time.

The following two images are by Jeana-Dee.

Great image by Jeana-Dee.

Image by Jeana-Dee.

Beautiful moment of Ali before walking down the aisle—by Jeana-Dee

Images of Ali during the toast by Jeana-Dee.

Next two images by Jeana-Dee.

everett, willa, greta, and their parents – newborn session in lansing, mi

Greta’s newborn session was a special shoot for me. Greta’s parents bid on the session through the annual auction at EC3 daycare. I love EC3 and cannot say enough about the wonderful people who work there and the phenomenal childcare they provide. So I was excited that I got to photograph the beautiful Greta with her family, and I love the fact that we got connected through this great place. I always enjoy photographing newborns and it was wonderful to also get to photograph Greta’s older brother Everett, and sister Willa—who were clearly pretty excited about their new sibling. These are three adorable kids and it was a pleasure to photograph them.

nathan, julia, gabe, & their parents – lifestyle session in holt, mi

I really love documenting the everyday moments that a family experiences. As a photographer I have the honor of being able to meet and photograph amazing families and to record a specific time in that family’s life. So while photographing Nathan, Julia, Gabe and their parents, we started with something they do a lot—playing a game of Sorry. It didn’t take long for the kids’ personalities to shine and to see how this wonderful family interacts and has fun together. It was great photographing these playful kids in their lovely home (with some fabulous light).

bryan & melissa – engagement session in grand rapids, mi

I am very happy for my cousin Bryan who recently became engaged to his fiancé, the very lovely Melissa. I had the pleasure of photographing their engagement session in Grand Rapids and it was wonderful to document this adorable couple. Bryan and Melissa definitely have a natural ease with each other and they clearly make each other laugh. It was great to finally have a chance to talk with Melissa, get to know her better and to hear all about Bryan and Melissa’s story as a couple.  We started the session at Riverside Park and took advantage of the beautiful fall colors (which just seem to be getting better and better). From there we headed downtown to take some more shots around the Gerald Ford Library and the Amway Hotel. I am honored that I will be able to document this couple’s fabulous wedding next summer.

lisa & matt – engagement session in brighton, mi

I really enjoy photographing engagement sessions. It is such a fun way to get to know a couple and I get to explore some really fun new places. For this session Matt and Lisa took me to the Metro Park in Brighton, MI where they often spend their free time. This was an amazing location and a great place to spend a beautiful fall day. But what was even better was getting to really know Lisa and Matt and to see how they interact as a couple. It didn’t take long to realize that Lisa and Matt are a couple that love to laugh together and can be completely goofy with one another. I loved documenting how Matt made Lisa laugh and smile throughout the session. It was also great having Lisa’s dog Hensley join us for the session. He was a great addition even if he did find a little something unpleasant to roll in—just gave us something else to laugh about.

savella & xavier – lifestyle session in east lansing, mi

To say that Xavier and Savella have a lot of energy would be an understatement. These two cuties definitely kept me on my toes during their fall portrait session. And I learned quickly that Savella is a rough and tumble little girl who can definitely keep up with her older brother (and even instigates a lot of wrestling). It was great photographing these two beautiful kids again and exploring the MSU horticultural gardens together. We even spent a little time in the Japanese Zen Garden which was maybe a little less peaceful after our arrival. So glad I got to photograph these siblings and document this time in their lives.